People of the Village

Around a thousand person were lived together, there, in a place they called as “Village.” This is not a story inspired by Naruto or anything. This is a story filled with my personal experience while I was living in that village.

They, the people, loved to live in their land very much. Not matter how prosperous other land was, they tended to stick on the same soil where they were born once. The atmosphere was full of convivial air, or as I knew it was.

The village is located in the basin of mount Marapi. If you haven’t hear the place, I would like to describe it briefly for you😁. Mount Marapi is locate in West Sumatra, a province of Indonesian Republic. This mountain has been the best spot for the hikers and the climbers. Almost in every special dates: Islamic great days or national holidays. Those people always come there to conduct their own climbing mission. For 2700 metres mountain, it can be traversed for about 8 hours long. Have I ever climbed the mount??? Yet, I haven’t. So, how can I know the estimated time to get into the peak??? Well, my friends ever told so.

It was said, that there were several mystical creatures lingering on the slope of the mountain. As like other mountains in Indonesia, for each mountains it has “Guardian” whom unseen. Most of which are taking form resemblance to tiger. People also call the creature as, “Inyiak” or “Bob.” Although there is no clear boundary between the real tiger and the false one.

Well, people say that in the middle height of the mount Marapi, the climbers can see the two prominent lakes: Lake Singkarak and Lake Maninjau. I haven’t seen the two directly from the height, but I ever see the views’ portrait. On the peak, the crater looks very steep.

Besides the story of the mountain, which the most discussed topic there, the story is also squaring around the activity of the villagers. They, besides of their shitty behaviour; usually like to sneer the others, however, are very friendly and welcoming.

The atmosphere is flat, neither stained nor loose. As farming be the most profession there, during the daylight there was nothing particular. My parents opened a coffee shop there, and during the daylight, only the tukang ojek sitting on the seats. They usually ordered a half cup of black coffee. Half cup of coffee??? Yes, my parents set that menu to allure more villagers to come. There, the people didn’t like a full cup of coffee really. Or, I can say it as “Cup” actually. The glassware was a kind of glass, but the size is about a half compared to the common one. And that was the most glassware used back to the day.

Besides ordering black coffee, the villagers also liked Soto very much. My father’s restaurant was one of the most famous Soto making spot in the village. Many arguments were flying about concerning this issue. The hardliner of my father’s fans were arguing that my father’s Soto was the best in the village. In other hand, the non-believers argued that there were another Soto which tastier than my father had. Which side was true??? No one knew for sure. It was apparent that the measurements was unmeasurable, really. Taste is about personal judging. It can not be formulated such like the numerical comparison.

After the sun is gliding towards the east, the village became more vivid. The people, mostly farmers, were returning home from their own fields. Many of them were going home directly, but the rest chose to taking some breaks by going into the game site or into the available restaurants. However, there was a picky activity conducted by the youngsters. It was gathering at the trottoir just to chanting or doing something else.

In Baso Minang, there is a gimmick phrase for this kind of activity, it is “Pamadek Labuah Nagari,” or “The Road Gathering.” This activity is regarded as valueless, which the actors dubbed “Fools” or “Unemployment.” Caused of this, less people are doing the same thing currently. I think that it’s very rational. Although you have a stable job and well flowing currency, but doing something bad from the community’s view, it would cost your popularity. They will treat you as same as the beggars, even though you should be treated like a boss.

Well, to make something here, people may look at you as “eccentric” foot first time. However, it will gradually change as the society learns to adapt the changing currents. The most evident thing I have seen is, when you-can-see shirt coming into the society. At first, when a girl puts on the such cloth, she will definitely be the source of gossip. It impacts negatively for her. Nonetheless, after months past, the society then learns that wearing such more opened clothes are a part of fashion model right now. Despite the society cannot compel the tradition shifting instantly. But, they may impose more loosely restriction regarding how people dressing.

Bamboo Forest

In many eastern literature, bamboo forest are always depicted as something mysterious which there are many shadowy things lurking on it. Which it true or not, bamboo forest in reality contain many alluring natural features to enjoy with; such its tranquility and its green view. However, the situation would become drastically different if the bamboo forest is located further than settlement. The atmosphere becomes darker and creeper, as discouraging folklores may drive us out from that place.

Bamboo forest, is actually a natural ecosystem which being home for many fauna; mostly bugs and several small rodents and birds. Whether is it true that the bamboo forest being a lounge for such supernatural creatures, it should be debatable as forever. We may agree that proving such supernatural phenomena is difficult; whether it is plausible, it still takes lot of time just to investigate suspected location. However, our main resources for such eerie story are the folklore solely.

Myself, I have less unpleasant experience with this relaxing ecosystem. However, it should be noted that the most stories that I know concerning the horror of the bamboo forest are derived from my neighbours.

The story from my own perspective, it was started since my study at elementary school. My former elementary school is located further than main roadway. Based on our Creole, the location is known as, “Korong Kubang Putih.” It’s hard to decipher the meaning of korong in English, but it could be understood as “small village.”

The voyage into my former elementary school is by riding through a bamboo forest. Honestly, the bamboo forest is very relaxing, as when wind coming through its leaves, the sound produced may release all of our stress and distrained minds. The view is subtlety nice too. As our eyes be spoiled when we are looking at its green pointed leaves.

I came there just only to get into my school, passing this area was for sure. These biggest growing grass, I just did observing while our transportation bus passing by. The nuance was relaxing, with some mysterious seasoning bond with it. Sometimes, I could see some falling yellow leaves, indicating their lifespan had over.

This bamboo forest was not the only one which near to my school. In the south, there is still another one. Despite that is smaller, however, the most of haunted stories originated from that bamboo forest.

From all accounts, there is one regarded as the creepiest one. It was stories about a group of unseen women called “Si Jundai.” Many say that these obscure creatures can only be seen by some gifted people, although popular belief doubted this theory.

I have no any reliable witness concerning this creatures. However, I just only ever met “something” illogical. The experience still sticking firmly in my mind. I just encountered a slouch woman, in her 70s maybe, and I just let her go first. She refused, with no viable options left, I walked off the old woman. She just staring at me, while I was still very confusing. The old woman just standing next to a young papaya tree, her eyes kept on me. Breeze coming into my body, it felt squeezed and hard to lift my feet.

All of sudden, my mind sensed something strange. I turned my head, as the old lady didn’t there anymore. I really stunned. How could a 70-year-old lady run away as fast as the far younger one???

Ah, never remind. It was still probable that my mind played me at the day. Or, obscurity was really happened.

Your name Miss???

There was a time, it was a starry night in the middle of this city park. The situation was bit eerie, to be honest. However, as I saw a girl walking toward me, my heart started to keep its beats upbeat. My mind string was rethreaded; many clauses coming together.

I was thinking, “Is she a ghost or what???” None of girls ever hanging out when the nighttime coming, even more living within a conservative area. But, she looked normal as nothing disarray sequences happening. “Is she coming to me???” I asked myself.

Overconfidence, the elders told me that that thing is tackling. Sometimes it makes your luck be pushed toward you, but in more occasions it may pull your luck away. Nevertheless, my best would be come, right this time.

Circular standpoint, as the place when we were at that night. From aerial view, none of us could be seen. But, observation of the celestial beings were nor necessary. As we, two mortals, might define our future paths, right this time.

Every second passed, the nerve feeling became more apparent. The fireflies which flying around, they couldn’t hamper our intention. Who was the lion and who was the lioness actually??? None of us showing the good omens, neither bad foreshadowing appeared. Sad for us, the advantage was so close and so tight.

Then, when she was very close to me, my first sentence was a kind of interrogative; as anime lovers should’ve noticed, “What is your name???”

She was shocked, very shocked. We never held any meetings before. All of sudden, I asked her name without agitation. Was I fool???

Her smile noted something. Perhaps, she would like to answer my question. Giving me her name.

Her lips- which pinkish- were about to open little bit. Her voice might been producing by her vocal cords.

“My name is…”

All, the screen is blank. Only something “hollow” floating near my eyes. Looking at my windows, still, it be covered with My shabby veil. How could the nighttime just be ended???

I cannot say any words. Mon Dieau, it was just a dream

Mon premier post en français

Salut mes amis, je suis un langue enthousiaste au Indonésie. Avant le français, j’ai apprend l’anglais comme ma troisième langage. Alors, je parle dans 3 différents langues, bien que je parle dans 2 langue couramment; le deux dont mes langue maternelle, Bahasa et Minang.

Le question est: pourquoi devrais-je excitée à apprendre les langues, que il n’y aucun assurance moi-même d’avoir les temps les pratiques? Encore plus mon grammaire acquisition n’est suffit pas à écrire quelque chose proprement.

Je pense que le répondre est évident. J l’aime les langues, malgré mon manque d’expérience en pratiquant français. Mais, je crois par me imposée, mon habilité aura meilleur de temps en temps.

About me

Writing has become a part of my life, since the end of my first year of college. University life drove me to write more, even if I was just writing some scratches. As far as observe, writing regularly may help my thinking skill as I can write more various topics.

I am not an English native, it is so obvious. My nationality is Indonesia as my Identity Card says so. Many of you would think that my first language should be Bahasa. However, I am barely to admit that, as I consider baso Minang as my mother tongue. It has been a common knowledge that every children whom born in Minang land have more exposure to baso Minang than to Bahasa Indonesia. In spite of that, we still got some Bahasa lessons while we were at school.

English, this language has been the part of my linguistic party since my first year at elementary school. Fun fact, that my parents didn’t enroll me into the nearest public school; however, they chose to enroll me into an Islamic private school which be managed by a foundation named, “Ibnu Syams” As I remember, the foundation’s name has meaning, “Son of (the) sun.”

Honestly, there is a little secret why I was getting into the school earlier than my peers. My cousin, Ika, was about to get enrolled into a school; as her ages was sufficient. Myself, I was one year younger than her, her absence could be a interaction shocked for me as I had no any close friend left; I was not a lonely wolf, my other friends had been enrolled too. So, eluding my fate be a potential “Lonely wolf,” I begged my father to give his permission as I would like to get enrolled too. At first, instead of being bursted, my father was confused. It was logic, as a young boy like me, I was not ready enough to face the “wider” world. Nonetheless, after crying for while, my father got softened. He brought me up; as well as my older cousin, and three of us got riding into the school (It was the second year after my father purchased his first motorcycle)

The school is located about 7 km from My home. Riding with personal vehicle might give us many advantages, as we could shorten the needed time into there. After about 30 minutes of riding, we came arrived into the school.

The school, as it was the 5th years since its foundation, is located in the middle of Kubang Putih; a district near to Bukittinggi. This district is noted for its plenty of pools, mist of which are cultivated with fresh water fish. The nuance of the district is still natural. The air is low polluted, as many trees and bamboo forests are being the main air refresher of this small village.

Well, that was the brief story of early story.

To be honest, I was a wimp pupil when kindergarten was being my second house. Until today, I assume that my wimpy stuffs were existed as the sequence of my earlier year got into school. I should have been still at home, playing toys and making believe. But, all of those were absence, all of sudden.

Luckily, I was not slumped so deep, as I managed to make many friends. Befriending with strangers, I may consider that as a kind of accolade.

Being so close with my cousin, it led us to make a special link, mental link. As we had been like a sibling. I often positioned myself as The Guardian Angel for him, even though I was younger than her actually. The thing is, that our society put boy in higher status than girl, not matter the actual age is, boys have to look into the girls in their daily life. And so I am, because my natural gender is male, protecting my cousin is a sort of natural instinct which be bold by our cultural surrounding.

As the foundation merging the location for its kindergarten and its elementary school on the same spot, my father prefer myself to continue my study on the same location too. After graduating from kindergarten, and again, I and my cousin were registered as new students of its elementary school. Well, as our sequence thinking were not fully developed back at the moment, we were just nodding and less defying.

For the next 6 years, I would be with my cousin again. As our mental link had been weaved since our childhood, being at the same school should make it stronger and tighter. However, the scheme was not as good as what I thought, which my cousin made more relationship with her new friends than did care on me.

Frankly speaking, I was less wimpy when elementary period came through. Even I still got easily crying when I caught up with some uneven events. The thing was, as when raining day coming, my mood got drastically dropped; as it was like a waterfall, when my initial mood be metaphor as water at the peak, then it suddenly falling down into the precipice.

“Rain” has been my true nemesis since my childhood. When the weather got worsened, and murky clouds covering the blue sky, my eyes are easily to get wet. Crying out loud, that is the only thing I can do to comfort myself. Be a cameo, as my family always tease myself with this accident. Thus, I would like to hate raining more. However, the thing is gradually changed as the time passes.

Oh ya, one thing I almost forget, that I have some speech defect as I couldn’t pronounce the letter “R” properly. Yes, this is the reason behind my failures in Iqra’ learning.

I am a Moslem, and learning the way to recite The Holy Quran is a mandate. So, acquitting Iqra’ is the first step to achieve such goal.

Iqra’ itself is a simplified version of Arabic writing system which aimed to facilitate the infants learning Arabic letters easily. As I read from many historical topics articles, that before Iqra’ is invented, people could take years just to read or to recite Quran only. Thanks to, I forget His name, who has invented Iqra’ as a tool to help the youngsters like us.

If the sequential was sequent, I should have finished learning Iqra’ at the last year of kindergarten. But, one letter delayed my study progress, as it cost about years for my personal record, it was the letter “R” who should take the responsibility for my delayed.

My teachers; whether the angelic one to the fussy one, almost got really frustrated while teaching me the letter “R.” As my tongue felt squeeze when it was about to pronounce “R” my knees never stopped moving: upward and downward, while I faced this sole letter. My bad luck, I wasn’t passed to get the certificate- completing learning Iqra’- and never get it.

However, my story becomes better as my school years increasing. I managed to make some improvements within my academic circumstances, and I was able to beat my innate disadvantage with letter “R”

Though, the continuation of my long story will be coming soon.

“I am not an English native. Bahasa Indonesia is my mother tongue, alongside with Bahasa Minang as my ethnicity. I hope that you may enjoy my writing despite all of its defective.”

Red Shadowy Moonlight

Tonight, something different gonna happen. The thing that we look upon with no any particular feeling, tonight it may creep deeper into our hearts. As the nighttime falling, the shadow will chew the moon at its peak.

Light, something we perceive as “White,” it will be more. Blood, it will be drained from all of living creatures. Can you smell the scent already??? Horror view of the river of blood, streaming down in every craters on the moon. Its trenches, its valley and its basin will be the container, as the blood soon overwhelm them.

What can we see, as the nighttime falling sluggishly into the void

For you, the girl whom I love the most

It is true, that you are not the first one on my life. Before you, I have had met another girls, whom ever embraced my hearthside. I tried to understand, what love is? It comes then goes by. None can I hold till the last. They went by themselves, either embraced the other loves. What can I do??? I was just an ordinary boy, who wish that I would accomplish all of my dreams: job and love.

You, The One who I love, I know that you are far from me nowadays. That’s all, you are found away from me to pursue your dream. The things that you always told to me before tour departure. I liked the time it was, and I wish that all of your “make believes” will come true too.

Whatever you want to be, I always support it. And so I am, I WILL rally all of my efforts to make the thing comes true.

The memory of The whom, they ever lived

Graveyard, the place where the tombstones are everywhere. Those stones, with some inscription on it, they are not made for memorial purpose only. The stones, they are the only proof that there were people ever lived and roamed upon earth. The thing is simple, but most of us hate him into the core. The thin that is more dangerous, the death.

We, humankind, are wishing to get alive for thousand years. We would like to improve our life quality and advancing toward our maximum potential. However, despite all of improvements we have made, there is still one barrier that we cannot demolish. The death, the thing that have been feared by humankind since its beginning. All of the kings, all hail for them; they set many glorious events and wonders on earth to present the existence of ours. But, still none of them can conquer the death.

Death, as our end route, perhaps it cannot be delayed. Otherwise, it should be wisher for us to accept the death itself. Sometimes, the thought is undeniably coming, that we need some long rest as we have been going on this life for long time.

Hopefully, the death may embrace us with love when he meets us.

My house: Suddenly dense then suddenly empty

My lovely house; the dimension is not bigger than about 100 metres square. Its architecture style can not be defined, whether Gothic or Random-shit. Though, I love covering under its roofs. Wind, haze, ghoul, and thunder are lingering outside, but it never comes in. Hail The God!!! The Almighty has been protecting this humble house since it’s foundation. No one ever knows, what will be happening in the next hour???

All of sudden, this house ever filled with mankind. There are coming from every corners of the word; south, east, west and north. They have varying skin tones: fair complexion to brown complexion. How about black tone??? To be honest, there are less black people around here. It doesn’t cause by any racial treatment, however, people tend to group themselves as “brown” right here. So be it, why the most common skin tone is called “Sawo matang” right here, as the name is derived from the colour of bush sawo, which when it’s ripe, the colour turn browny. So exotic.

Look at the house, today it all abandoned. What was happened??? Did something erode the presence of its previous owner?? Perhaps, only time will answer.

Writing, a simple stuff which would derive many advantages

Writing, whatever the definition of this word, is one of the most liked activity by everyone. Even with the advancing in gadget industry, writing becomes more popular and it becomes more feasible for everyone. Like myself, an amateur blogger. By utilising WordPress, I can write the ideas which sparked with my brain and to converse it into these sentences. No matter how bad my message delivery in English- as English is not my mother tongue- the accessibility to do writing is very evident.

I so remember, when I was still a High School student, and the mental activity that I did the most, it was reading only. It was true that by read many articles, many books and many newspapers, I could develop such long term memory which helped me the most in some important occurrence; like examination or while delivering speech. However, the thing that I regretted was my lack of writing proficiency. Neither in English, nor I couldn’t be able to developing a good story plot in Bahasa. The thing became more surreal when I entered university life. Writing became my feeding; if I couldn’t write properly, my grades were at the stake.

Nonetheless, due to my addiction to reading, it really helps me when I started writing. It’s true that I get some headache for my first paragraph. However, thanks to my long term memory with some idioms that I found either in books or in articles, I encourage myself: ” Don’t be afraid. Let all things flow away. Trust yourself. If you make a good writing, everyone will surely love it. If you get failed, there is still more times to evaluate yourself.”

Varying topics to choose from, It’s very obvious that not every single topic I can write on it. In reality check, I think I could only write on about 10% of all topics in English, excluding grammar acquisition. Some casual subjects: daily life, desire, diary, travelling experience, and passion telling are among those I can write on. But, when I try to step into the upper layer, trying to break down some intriguing issues on physics or chemistry, I would like to leave early on. No matter how inquisitive I am with those scientific domains in my mother tongue, yet, I can’t go further in English language; it would be more obvious in French or German, as I just started to learn it.

Nevertheless, I am still working to improve my language ability, even though I have no mentor to tutor myself. Economical fluctuations makes my family fund be unstable. I don’t know which side should be blamed, either the reigning government or the economic actors. Still, learning politics doesn’t open my mind and my view to investigate the wrong side of this country.

And so be it. I just learn the language that I like, and wishing that someday I could practice those language with ease.